Candy Wrapping Basics

Are you new to candy wrapping and not sure where to start? Or are you an experienced wrapper, but would like to try a new type of wrapper? Here I will give you a little bit of information about each of the different types of wrappers that I sell and how you will make them.

If you have specific questions, please email me at and I will explain further.

All of my products are ONLY downloaded (nothing is shipped) and in jpeg format. Most of my products are made to a specific size so that they fit correctly on the items that they are meant to wrap. I design my products with candy wrapping software in mind, but if you have software that allows you to set the length and width of the design, you should be able to use my designs. If you do not have this type of software, please contact me BEFORE any purchase so I can discuss with you, as all purchases are final.

The dimensions for each item are given after the item name, in inches. Use these dimensions to set your software to the correct size for each.

If you would like a folding guide for any of these items, send me an email to the address above and I will email it to you!

SOEs - (5.2 wide by 5.5 high) are STANDARD OPEN ENDED wrappers. You take the Hershey bar (or whatever type of bar you are using) and wrap it in foil first. This covers the manufacturer's wrapper on the bar completely. Do not remove the original candy bar wrapper! I buy my foil from Foilman and you can find his website at
On Foilman's website, you will want to purchase pre-cut foil sheets in the 1.55 oz size to fit a regular size Hershey bar (Foilman sells many different colors to match your designs or choose silver or gold as they go with almost everything!). Wrap your bar like a present, securing with double sided tape to hold it down (I use those double sided sticky squares that many people use for scrapbooking). Now, print (you can use regular copy paper or glossy if you prefer) and cut your SOE wrapper and simply wrap it around your foiled bar and secure the wrapper with double-sided tape as well. SOEs are perfect for party favors, little gifts, stocking stuffers and gift toppers and are big sellers at craft shows

Minis - (1.5 wide by 3.0 high) - minis are meant to wrap Hershey Miniature bars - these are the little bars that come in a bag with Krackel, Dark, Milk Chocolate and Mr. Goodbar. These are very simple to wrap since they already have the foil ends peeking out! All you have to do is print the wrapper (again, regular or glossy paper work just fine) and secure over the manufacturer wrapper with double sided tape. These look so pretty in a bowl or scattered on your party table or place in pretty cloth bags or plastic bags for gift giving or favors. Great for your party or anywhere you want to offer a little treat (in your children's lunch box, in a bowl in your work reception area, etc.)

Nuggets - (1.1 wide by 3 high) - Hershey Nuggets come in a number of varieties and are simple to wrap. No need for foil as they already have a pretty foiled wrapper. Simply print your wrapper on regular or glossy paper and wrap around the Nugget, securing with tape. Use as you would my Hershey Miniature wrappers (see above)

Mint books - (2.0 wide by 5.0 high) - mintbooks are shaped like a matchbook (folded over with a little flap along the bottom) and hold a single individually wrapped mint (like a Lifesaver Mint) - simply print on card stock, cut and fold and then attach the mint inside with a little adhesive. These are great in a bowl at your event and inexpensive little promotional items for any business

Mint Toppers - (1.2 wide by 2.4 high) - top off those individually wrapped mints with a little topper. Simply copy on card stock, fold in half and staple to the top of the little mint pouches and place in a bowl

Lollipops - (2.2 wide by 5.0 high) - easy and cute! Simply copy on card stock and fold over a lollipop, stapling at the bottom to hold the two sides together. Great little favor ideas, promotional items and little treats for any child you know

Bag toppers - (can be made to fit any bag size - I make mine generally in 2 sizes: 3 wide by 4 high as well as standard snack size Ziploc bag size of 6.6 wide by 4.0 high) - bag toppers are meant to be little covers for the top of bags of snacks or other items. Simply copy on card stock, fold in half and staple over the top of little bags of snacks, stickers, small toys, etc. Almost all of my wrapper sets offer bag toppers and mini wrappers so you can wrap a set of Hershey Miniatures in a patterned wrapper, place in a baggie and attach a coordinating topper to the bag

Tags - copy on card stock, cut and use on your gift items

Microwave popcorn wrappers - (7.5 wide by 9 tall) - You can make these either of 2 ways. In both cases, print on regular or glossy paper. Then, cut and wrap around regular size microwave popcorn. In this case, you may need to trim the ends of my wrapper design slightly to make it fit with the plastic wrapper on the popcorn peeking out the ends. Some people prefer to wrap the entire popcorn wrapper, glue the ends shut and use a crimping tool (found at your local craft store) to put a wavy indentation mark on the glued end. Either is fine! Makes a great take-home favor or little gift

Gallon Can Sets - (FRONT and BACK designs are 10.6 wide by 7.4 high, LIDS are 5.5) - decorate empty gallon paint cans to hold gifts. These are a little harder to make but are very impressive when completed! Buy empty, clean gallon paint cans at your local hardware store. Wrap the gallon paint can FRONT around the front of the can and the BACK around the back of the can. The front and back will overlap and sometimes you will need to cut around the handles to make the wrappers fit. Secure with tape or glue. Add the LID design to the can lid and attach the gift tag

Salt and Pepper Wrappers - (5.55 wide by 3.5 high) - use Morton's disposable salt and pepper sets. Copy the wrappers on regular paper and trim any excess. Laminate if you wish, wrap around salt and pepper bottles and fasten with glue or tape. Most of my salt and pepper wrappers come with a bag topper (4.75 wide by 3.75 high) so you can package up the salt and pepper sets for craft shows or gift giving

Rolo Cigars - (3.2 wide by 5.0 high) - These are so easy to make and really look cute. Simply print one of my wrappers on regular or glossy paper, cut and wrap around the wrapper of a Rolo candy roll. You get the look of a cigar with a much more enjoyable taste! These are perfect for announcing the birth of a baby (pass out at the hospital), for bachelor parties and for favors for the men at any of your events. If you like, you can package 1 or 2 of these in some cellophane and attach a ribbon for an elegant presentation

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