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Welcome to my store. My specialty is candy wrapping designs - SOEs (open-ended Hershey regular bar wrappers), minis (for Hershey Miniatures), Nuggets (for Hershey Nuggets), mint books, bag toppers, gallon paint can covers, popcorn wrappers, lollipops, salt and pepper wrappers, invitations and more.

I also offer gift printables - little gift ideas that you can print and assemble to make gifts for others.  

I take pride in my work and strive to make attractive designs that you will be proud to sell or give away at your events. I'm always on the look-out for new trends in candy wrapping so that my customers are able to offer the newest and most up-to-date products. Take a look around my store and see some of these new ideas!

All of my products are ONLY downloaded (nothing is shipped) and in jpeg format. Most of my products are made to a specific size so that they fit correctly on the items that they are meant to wrap. I design my products with candy wrapping software in mind, but if you have software that allows you to set the length and width of the design, you should be able to use my designs. If you do not have this type of software, please contact me BEFORE any purchase so I can discuss with you, as all purchases are final.

You can email me at wrapsbydenise@hotmail.com

If you need a custom design or help personalizing any of my designs, please see my link at the left for "Custom Work".

You will see that I make most of my SOEs with no back textbox. I do this because a lot of people have told me that they prefer not to put writing on the backs of their SOEs. If you purchase an SOE (or a lollipop wrapper or mintbook) and would like a textbox placed on the back, just send me an email. I can also remove any poems or writing on any of my items if you just want them blank with the graphics. I will work with you to get the look you want.

If you are new to candy wrapping and don't know where to start, check out my "Candy Wrapping Basics" link on the left side of the main page.

I will be adding new items to my store on a weekly basis. Please bookmark my website and check back often.

Thanks for looking and shopping!


IMPORTANT NOTE: I am in the process of reloading some of my old products and saving them at a higher DPI for clearer printing. In the meantime, if you have purchased something that you do not feel is clear enough, please email me at wrapsbydenise@hotmail.com and I will immediately email you your item in higher resolution. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes. Thank you!



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